Our Vision

To become a community of believers, who experience God, who become like Jesus Christ and who offer hope to our neighbors.

Our Purpose

We exist to worship God, to draw people into His presence, guide them in their spiritual journey,
to equip them for ministry in the church and in their world, and to provide a loving and caring community.

Our Values

  • We believe that the Scriptures serve as a catalyst for transformation of the lives of individuals and the church.

  • We believe in the value of the individual and therefore seek to introduce them to Christ and His church.

  • We believe that every follower of Christ should be involved in the process of growth and development to become fully devoted to Christ.

  • We believe that our church should operate as a unified community of individuals committed to identifying and using their spiritual gifts.

  • We believe that Christ-like maturity, life change and support best take place in small groups.

  • We believe that God desires His people to passionately worship Him.

  • We believe that all followers of Christ are expected to be good managers of their time, spiritual giftedness and financial resources as they honor and serve Christ.

  • We believe that it is a privilege for every follower of Christ to engage in the discipline of prayer.

  • We believe that the church should be culturally relevant, ministering to the whole person--mind, body, and spirit.

  • We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

  • We believe that a church should be led by men and women with leadership gifts.

Our History

Only three months after President Abraham Lincoln was shot, and as the Civil War came to an end, reflective revival meetings in our area awakened a deep desire for a new church.  On Friday, July 28, 1865, a presbytery met consisting of J. G. Landrum, T. J. Earle, and the elders of New Prospect, Mount Zion, and Holly Springs Churches.  With nineteen charter members, composed of nine men and ten women, Mount Calvary Baptist Church was founded.

Originally the church began formation in 1861, when Ananias Dill conducted a meeting at the residence of a Joe Lawrence.  The location was at Holston Creek and believed to be approximately one-half of a mile west of the old GramlingSchool.  In 1862, services were conducted under an arbor, located on a knoll about a quarter of a mile east of Mr. Lawrence's house.  In 1863, meetings were moved to Bird's Creek near the Mark Ragan home and meetings were conducted, once again under a brush arbor.  The following year, 1864, meetings were held on the north side of Windmill Hill near the home of J. R. Tinsley (presently the residence of Marvin and Pauline Tinsley Blackwell).

The name Mount Calvary was retained until March 12, 1904, when the church voted to change the name to First Baptist Church of Inman.  On November 11, 1905, the name was changed to Inman Baptist Church until it became known asFirst Baptist Church in 1915.

Later, as members searched for a permanent building site, William Gowan offered the church a purchase of five acres, which is our present site.  For a sum of $100, the church received a title to the property on February 4, 1879.  A small wooden building on this property was used for convening until 1896 when a brick structure was erected and in 1924 the auditorium was constructed.

Growth continued, and by 1941 the parsonage was build, followed by the Fellowship Hall in 1948.  In early 1955 a building fund was established for more adequate educational facilities and by March 29, 1959, soil was turned for a new building addition.  In 1981 our present  Family Life  Center was born and in 1997 the current building, including new offices, new Fellowship Hall, Atrium and new classroom and educational space was added to create the beautiful facility we now enjoy.

Pastoral Leadership of
Inman First Baptist Church 

Paul Moore
2007 - Present
Don Bishop
1982 - 2004
J. N. Taylor
1980 - 1982
James R. Bruce
1955 - 1980
J. E. Lehman
1937 - 1955
E. L. Spivey
1932 - 1936
W. J. Bolt
1926 - 1931
H. C. Brabham
1913 - 1925
G. M. Sexton
1911 - 1912
H. L. Baggott
1906 - 1910
J. R. Williams
1904 - 1905
Jesse L. Ouzts
1896 - 1903
W. F. Sorrell
1891 - 1895
S. A. Bridges
J. B. Underwood
T. V. Gowan
1884 - 1889
M. M. Landrum
1883 - 1884
T. V. Gowan
1877 - 1882
J. M. Williams
1872 - 1876
John Ezell
1868 - 1871
I. L. West
1865 - 1867



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